In two years since its founding in March 2010, ZaiChina has become one of the most visited Spanish-language websites about China, with strong following from readers in Spain, China and Latin America. Now, as we expand our operations, we’d like to offer you a unique opportunity to advertise on our website and attract the broad variety of ZaiChina users to your business.

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Why advertise with us?

► In the last 12 months, ZaiChina has generated 274.589 page views, 142.882 visits and 97.386 unique users. 597 people follow our RSS, 1320 on Facebook and 627 on Twitter. 513 people are subscribed by email and receive our articles directly in their mailbox.

► ZaiChina is currently the only serious website in Spanish followed by people interested in China, who frequently visit Asia, study Chinese and work in the country.

► ZaiChina has gained increasing recognition through word-of-the-mouth, with a number of highly-prestigious blogs – such as Danwei, China Beat or Double Handshake – recommending our website to their readers. We were described and recommended by well known blog Chinochano, as well as the Spanish correspondent of CNN+ in Beijing. Other journalists, working for Spanish-language media (El Mundo, La Razón, Reforma or EFE) have personally contributed to our reports. We are also collaborating with Danwei, Spanish National Radio and Regional Radio of Canarias.


► ZaiChina brings together a wide network of professionals with strong links with China. If your company is looking to hire qualified staff to work in China, Spain or Latin America, with a command of Spanish and Chinese, we can help you find the talent you’re looking for.

For more details, contact us at:

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