Zai (在) means “be in”, “at” and that’s the idea behind our website: we talk about China’s important and interesting issues from inside-out, giving you the local’s perspective no matter where you might be. We draw on a variety of Chinese sources – traditional media, blogs and internet forums and popular videos – to give you an informal but realistic view of China, focusing on society, technology, politics and anything that might be of interest in Latin America and Spain. We do our own translation and analysis to make sure our readers get the material not found anywhere else.

Spanish versus English?

Yes, we know it. English is the important international language, with a way more of potential audience and influence. However, we think that it’s still worthwhile to offer an alternative source of news from China in Spanish. The English speaking world has a large number of different media constantly focused on the country, yet in Latin America, where China’s influence grows by the day, such sources are still hard to come by.


Why not have a hand at translating our website? It doesn’t have to be perfect, but always would be quite helpful.

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This website is in great debt of other on-line media that have been around for a long time, like Danwei, ESWN, ChinaSmack, ChinaHush or ChinaGeeks. All of them (and many others) have made it easier for westerners to understand this country and have become a meeting place for people interested in China (including Chinese). Those are the some goals ZaiChina has.


We identify ourselves with the concept of bridge blog. We try to give our audience Chinese content in Spanish that otherwise would not be possible to read. All our articles include the original sources and its links. Anyway, if you see something in this website that you believe is not properly credited, or should be modified, just drop us an email (email@zaichina.net).

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